Mission Statement


In 1974, I had my first introduction to the Gordon and Irish Setter breeds. I can still remember the feeling of awe that captured me that day as I watched each breed move in competition around the conformation ring with the elegance, grace, and presence that so becomes the well balanced Setter.

That same feeling still stirs me today with a passion, and it has led me to experience a lifetime of rewards living with Gordon and Irish Setter breeds in our home.

I am endeavoring to breed each generation with the intention to share and inspire that same passion in others. With respect to maintaining the integrity of the overall breed standards, and keeping in focus the utmost consideration for the health and longevity of our dogs through conscientious breeding.

I participate in conformation exhibition for the pure pleasure of the sport, the people of like passions I have befriended, and my commitment to the preservation of the Gordon and Irish Setter breeds. I welcome others to share these hopes and dreams, and experience the pleasure of exhibiting and loving these wonderful, elegant dogs for a lifetime.

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